Production Update

Director/Producer, Andy Coughlan shares his thoughts on the current state of play with Measure for Measure:

The last few months have been incredibly busy with pre-production on Measure for Measure.

Now, as we race into 2016, the team and I find ourselves in pretty good shape. We have a solid script (not hard considering the source material!), some very talented actors interested in being part of the project, locations scouted, market research complete, budgets prepped and pitch documents ready.

The script has been through many revisions, and has taken in feedback and advice from several luminaries of the Shakespearean world, including Dr. Grace Ioppolo from Reading University and Shakespearean director Paul Barry (author of A Lifetime With Shakespeare), plus not forgetting Ken Colley’s extensive experience with Shakespeare, which I have mined deeply.

Cast-wise, we have some very exciting actors who (subject to scheduling etc.) have expressed an interest in the project, including Mark Benton (Waterloo Road, Early Doors), Treva Etienne (Terminator Salvation, Pirates of the Caribbean, Eyes Wide Shut), Bill Fellows (Broadchurch, Doctors, Downton Abbey) and George Irving (New tricks, The Tudors, Holby City). And Ken, of course. We haven’t cast the two lead roles of Angelo and Isabella yet.

Measure for Measure doesn’t have many locations, so we’re hoping to shoot the majority of the film at the Bluewater Shopping Centre, near Dartford, and the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. Both are very futuristic looking locations and perfect for the new setting we’ve put the film in.

These locations will be complemented by the visual FX work of Alexander Kucera and his team of magicians at Babylondreams. We’re also developing some very nice costume designs, with the help of fashion designer and lecturer Rebecca Washington-Hughes.

Late last year I conducted some market research, and was more than pleasantly surprised by the results. Nearly 200 very splendid people took the time to answer the survey, many responding with lengthy and positive comments. Now this was a diverse group of people, taken from my personal contacts, so I would say only a small fraction of them were ardent Shakespeare fans. Even so, 80% of them said they thought the film was a good idea and they would like to see it. There’s clearly a bit of a market for the film.

I’m quite proud of what we’ve achieved to date, but it’s all for nothing if we can’t get the funding together. So, to that end, we’re offering a finders reward to anyone who can put us in contact with people who may be interested in investing in such a venture (We’re offering 5% of the amount the lead actually invests). We’re looking at a reasonably large budget, so that could be quite a nice payout for you for not a lot of effort!

If you know of anyone who may be interested in investing, please contact me at